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Home-Based ABA Therapy

We provide direct 1:1 ABA therapy in your home. Working in the home allows us to provide support in a familiar space, address specific behaviors or skills that occur in the home, and to ensure skills are generalizing to their natural environment. All goals will be individualized to fit the specific needs of each child. 

Skill areas that may be addressed in therapy include: ​

  • Language and Communication

  • Play

  • Social

  • Self-Help

  • Feeding/Mealtimes

  • Sleep

  • Toileting

  • Safety

  • Challenging Behaviors

Caregiver Consultation

Caregiver consultation services are individually designed to support caregivers who are seeking support with teaching their child new skills such as communication, toilet training, self-help skills, meal-time behaviors, picky eating, emotional regulation, and/or sibling interactions. Services can also provide coaching/strategies for reducing challenging behavior such as tantrums, aggression, and/or self-injury.

Parents with Child
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Childcare Trainings

Childcare centers can receive training for staff regarding various topics including classroom management, behavior management, and teaching play/social skills.

Services: Services
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